Matala Air Station Diffuser—9’’ MDB12 Twin Disc With Single Base and EPDM Membrane

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Matala Air Station Diffuser—9’’ MDB12 Twin Disc With Single Base and EPDM Membrane 

Matala’s fine bubble diffuser discs are extremely high quality, ideal for getting air from your sub-surface aerator/air pump into your dam, pond, or lake. Made of high-grade EPDM rubber (membrane), and heavy-duty PVC (stand and frame), Matala Air Station Diffusers are super strong and durable, making them guaranteed to last for years and years.  

The membranes on Matala Air Station Diffusers feature an omni-directional design to ensure a uniform distribution of fine bubbles. The diffusers also feature an “intelligent” operation, which closes the membrane when air stops coming through the air hose—preventing back pressure on the air pump and protecting the membrane from clogging. In fact, Matala’s Air Station Diffusers provide the lowest back pressure on the market, so your aerator/air pump will live longer too. 

The riser adds extra elevation to the diffuser, improving circulation.


  • Even dispersion of fine bubbles: the omni-directional design of the membranes ensures a uniform distribution of fine bubbles. 
  • Long lasting: super strong, commercial-grade design to ensure long life. And providing the lowest back pressure on the market, your aerator/air pump will live longer too. 
  • Intelligent protection: when air is running through the diffuser disc, the membrane opens. If the air is stopped, the membrane closes. This helps the diffuser resist tearing and stay cleaner for longer.  
  • Low maintenance: non-clogging design and “intelligent operation” means less maintenance. 
  • Greater circulation: the addition of the riser means even greater circulation, making this model particularly ideal for deeper dams/ponds

What’s included: 

  • 2 x 9″ fine bubble membrane diffuser discs
  • 1 x heavy duty base 
  • 1 x riser
  • Required fittings for assembly 
  • Clamp for attaching your diffuser to air hose 

Installation info: 

Fill the base with gravel (or something similar) to ensure the diffuser stays on the floor of your dam/pond. Once the base has been weighted, simply screw the diffuser disc to the base. Hand tight is enough, there’s no need for tools. A clamp is included so you can easily attach your diffuser to the air hose running from your aerator/air pump. 

Looking for compatible hose? 

We suggest you use Matala Weighted Air Hose, a high-quality, self-sinking air hose designed to sink to the bottom of your dam, lake or pond without additional weight. This prevents unsightly, spaghetti-looking strands of hose floating on the surface of your water. 

Looking for a compatible aerator? 

We suggest the Matala Hakko for dams smaller than ½ an acre (2,000m2) surface area and the Matala Rocking Piston for larger dams—up to 4 acres. You can purchase these as complete aeration kits through our parent company, Water Quality Solutions. Looking for a different aerator? See all of our dam aerators.

About Matala 

Matala is a Taiwanese manufacturer of aquatic equipment operating for over two decades. The company was founded in 2000 by Aquaculture Engineer, Marc Talloen. Originally producing filtration mats for the pond sector, Matala was quickly recognised as the go-to brand for high-quality pond filtration solutions. Within just three years Matala had teamed up with a leading Taiwanese motor manufacturer which allowed them to expand their range of water solutions. Matala has since greatly expanded its suite of aquatic products to include dams and lakes, as well as ponds. Today, Matala has distributors in over 40 countries and produces an extensive range of high-quality equipment for dams, lakes and ponds, including filtration systems, aerators, air-stations, weighted hose, UV-C clarifiers, pond vacuums, and drainage equipment. The company is recognised as a global leader in water treatment solutions, renowned for striking an excellent balance between quality and price. 


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