About Us

Love My Dam is the e-store for our parent company, Water Quality SolutionsThe site was launched to give people easy access to the products they need to improve their dam water naturally. 

Scotty Tucker founded Water Quality Solutions over a decade ago after seeing a lack of “natural” solutions to stop algae, sludge, odour, weeds and dead wildlife in dams. While most aquatic companies recommended their customers treat their dam water with chemicals, Scotty saw a better way⁠⁠—focusing instead on rebuilding the aquatic ecosystem using aeration and biological treatments. This technique, which emulates mother nature⁠, means a dam can stand on its own two feet and take care of itself without chemicals.

Read more about us and our “natural” process here.

What our customers say

“Since installing the aerator, we’ve not had a single algae problem. In our smaller ponds, too small for aerators, we used Biostim pellets on their own and we’ve noticed a huge reduction in algae.”

Andy Hart, Horticultural Curator—Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, Adelaide  
“Our old irrigation system was blocked with weeds and our dam had black sludge. Scott recommended both aeration and biologicals and within six weeks the dam became so clear I could see to the bottom of it for the first time in years! I was chuffed we could fix the issue without using chemicals.”

Michael Grant, Owner, Grant’s Citrus Farm
“I was very impressed with the recommendations for my customer’s hydroponics farm. I’ve experienced firsthand the importance of having the right balance of oxygen and good bacteria in water and am pleased to see how quickly the water quality improved.”

Mark Hill, Parkland Australia, Nuriootpa