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What our customers say...

Since installing the aerator, we’ve not had a single algae problem. In our ponds too small for aerators we used Biostim pellets on their own and have noticed a huge reduction in algae.”

Andy Hart, Horticultural Curator, Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, SA

“Our old irrigation system was blocked with weeds and our dam had black sludge. Scott recommended both aeration and Biostim and within six weeks the dam became so clear I could see to the bottom of it for the first time in years!”

Michael Grant, Managing Director, Grant’s Citrus Farm, VIC

“We had a stormwater lake having continuous problems with algae. We were treating the water with a liquid solution that was getting continuously flushed away. Scott recommended we switch to Biostim pellets which were exactly what we needed.”

Giles Pickard, Environment Project Officer, City of Subiaco, WA